Lisa helped me clarify, reframe and redirect my experience of work, productivity, value and time. As a result, my work has become integrated and flowing. More importantly, I am a better person.  Lisa’s wholistic approach has you connecting dots and creating personal change through simple, practical activities and committments. She works with you as an individual and crafts an approach that is tuned to your situation and growth needs. Lisa’s coaching is remarkable, authentic and invaluable” — Christopher Haight, Senior Consulting Practice Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Lisa’s coaching brought me to the core of my values, ideas and dreams. She enabled me to connect with my passions not as wild unattainable ideas but as exciting achievable goals. Lisa is a consummate listener, who has a gift for capturing the underlying essence summarizing with thoughtful dexterity. Lisa’s warmth as a human being and openness of mind and spirit imbued a deep sense of trust and enabled me to see life as wonderful set of opportunities carved from my history. I am moving forward on my big dream which I had relegated to a ‘too way out there idea’ and things are happening fast! Thanks Coach Lisa! — Helen O., Coach, Melbourne, Australia>

Lisa was able to help me identify key areas of focus for my businesses success and aided me with practical steps to help achieve my goals. Additionally, I liked that she gave me the freedom to move at a comfortable pace and not rush through exercises and sessions. –Jasmine P., Small Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

It is of great value to put the ideas we have into a plan with targeted time limits. — David Haber, Ashlyn Financial, Thousand Oaks, CA 

Lisa is an excellent listener which makes her a wonderful coach. She frequently followed up with items that she thought would be of interest to me and the challenge that I was facing that session. She is a wealth of information. –Candice S. Calabassas, Leadership Coach, California

Lisa’s coaching process and ability are nothing short of brilliant! She is perceptive, attentive, generous, and uses her wealth of knowledge and coaching skills in ways that flow not only from her brain but from her heart. Coach Lisa, thank you a thousand times! –Anne B., Author and Counselor, St. Louis, MO.

This workshop really laid out a road map for the marketing process, and made it seem realistic and feasible! It even reduced some of my aversion. –Brenda Harari, H.E.A.R.T. in Education, www.heartineducation.com 

This workshop helped me make practical action steps to get to my goal. Both instructors were clearly CARING and interested in our success. — Dr. James Barrass, Westlake Village, CA http://www.schroederhealthyliving.com/doctor/chiropractor/1001L/westlake-village-chiropractor/meet-dr-james-barrass.htm

This workshop helped me focus on my goals and develop concrete action plans. — Richard Fortune, Wildwood Specialty Plumbing, www.wildwoodspecialtyplumbing.com

So far, this has been the best class I’ve had to date! I very much appreciate your hard work in making this class instructive and very enjoyable at the same time. Plus the other attendees obviously responded to the excellent environment with topnotch work that I personally benefited from, particularly in the group project. Thank you for a great experience! -Jeff D.

I can’t thank you enough. This class has been challenging and a lot of hard work was put into it, but at the same time it was great because I learned things that I will be able to utilize and because I had such a great, caring instructor, YOU!!!! Thank you so very much for showing that you are genuine and really do love what you do. –Katie S.

Your feedback was fantastic! Such detailed and thoughtful coaching. Thank you.–Jim A.

Words can not express how much I enjoyed and was excited about learning under your leadership. I walked away with so much. I have been able to utilize quite a bit in my job and my management. — Gloria H.

I worked with Lisa at a previous company, and Lisa is extremely organized, highly motivated and an exceptional team leader. Easily one of the best people to have on your team. –Phil Balma